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‘Hannah created a comfortable setting to explore the many topics that were competing for airtime in my mind. She introduced helpful models to organize my thoughts while maintaining a highly personal and informal touch. She is a wonderful listener who knows how to guide the conversation and when to give gentle nudges for more rigorous goal-setting and reflection. I left my sessions with her feeling a renewed confidence in my ability to juggle personal and professional responsibilities.’

-Charlie Melvoin, Founder/CEO of Zygo

‘I had a highly tailored one on one session with Hannah. She helped me focus on setting some personal goals and I loved her holistic approach. She guided me into seeing how various aspects in my life (work, relationships, health, creative expression) are all connected. Very grateful for my coaching experience with Hannah and the organizational/goal setting practices she introduced me to. Couldn’t recommend the experience to others enough!’

-Angela Evans, Angela Evans Media (Emmy Winning producer)

'Coaching with Hannah has been a reflective and empowering time. Her warmth and positive energy was very inviting and made it very easy for me to open up and share difficult topics and discuss my thoughts. She was able to guide me to practising rational thinking on very emotional topics to me, which has been most helpful.’

-Ji-Hye Park, Design Director at BCG Ventures

'I really enjoyed working with Hannah. During the time when we met and worked together I was in the process of overhauling my whole life. She was able to help me prioritize and organize the most important aspects as I was spinning lots of plates at the same time. What I enjoyed most is the encouragement to think big and beyond within my wildest imagination and looking at tangible ways in which this could be achieved. I always left our sessions feeling inspired, empowered and more organised. As our sessions developed, my goals had to be changed as circumstances changed but Hannah always helped me identify the best first steps to reassess situations. I never felt stuck for answers as Hannah prompts were always received and understood...Hannah’s natural positivity really helps you feel rewarded after the session and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for support in making big decisions in their lives or help with clarity on personal goals.’

-Megan Tyers, Founder of London Yoga Massage

‘Hannah’s approach was calm and balanced. She was great at getting me to see different perspectives and to take actions on what I set for myself. I enjoyed my sessions with Hannah and was effective in helping me to reach my goals.’

-Michael D, Consultant/Small Business Owner

‘Hannah has helped me to translate what felt like conceptual, ‘faraway’ goals into tangible, bite-sized steps so that I know how I can actually achieve these goals. She is great at asking the right questions to help to reveal the next steps that you’d like to take, in a way that makes you feel empowered and excited about the direction you’re going to take. Hannah’s natural curiosity, warmth and gentle manner ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease exploring your ambitions and goals with her. She’s very supportive and encouraging, which makes this exploratory work much easier and rewarding for those that go on the journey with her. I feel much more in control of my next personal direction now and that I have clear steps to take to achieve this.’

-Alex G, Strategy

'I was initially skeptical about life coaching as a concept, but found the experience to be very different from my expectations. I had the coaching sessions over a span of a very difficult period of my job. Hannah helped me identify and set achievable goals, which made me feel empowered and gain confidence between sessions. Without the support of Hannah and these life coaching sessions, I believe this difficult period would've been prolonged and I would in all likelihood still be feeling stuck with certain issues. I have continued to apply some of the tools I learned through life coaching, and I am continuing to work towards some of the goals we identified. This experience has been extremely helpful and has set me on a path to make long-term changes. I am very grateful to Hannah for her compassion and support over our sessions, and for allowing me the opportunity to try life coaching.’

-S.F., General Manager (International Corporation)

'Had such impactful sessions with Hannah, I felt truly listened to, especially when she referenced back to what I had said, it helped me to let my frustrations and goals be clear for the first time. We came up with solutions that I felt empowered to follow through on, and she prodded me to dig deeper and deeper into understanding my habits and how to hit my goals in numerous ways. I felt I was really stretched during the session, yet with the comfort and gentle support of Hannah. Both sessions were so different yet very powerful to me.’

-Iona McNeill, Entrepreneur (Events/Accounting)

‘I have definitely become more aware of setting goals and breaking down a plan to achieve the goals I set out for myself. Through this I have become more organized and have more motivation in achieving the things I set out for myself. Hannah has been very supportive and positive about all the tasks I have set for myself. I have taken a much more systematic approach to getting things done and realize that rewarding myself for the hard work is important. It has made a generally big positive improvement on my ambitions.’

-Ben Richardson, Classical Violinist

‘My six coaching sessions with Hannah allowed me the time, space and focus to identify the areas in my life which I deemed most important. After examining these areas in depth I was able to define clear goals and an action plan. With Hannah’s guidance, I learned how to break down big goals into small steps that steadily progressed and paved the way for me to achieve my bigger goals.’

-Lisa Fitzgerald, Professional Dancer

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