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I have had the privilege of coaching people from a multitude of professions, backgrounds, and ages covering a vast range of life areas, both personal and professional. I am especially passionate and skilled in coaching people embarking on major life change, as I am no stranger to adapting and learning to thrive amidst ongoing change during a performance career that has spanned the globe. Utilizing this experience while remaining true to the coaching philosophy and with full belief in my client’s abilities, I give plenty of room to venture forth and discover a personal process, while remaining unafraid to challenge you to stretch beyond self-imposed limitations. With a calm and steadfast approach, I will guide you through the coaching process, using curated tools/models and creative exercises, to most effectively uncover and actualize the deeply held determinations that lead to groundbreaking change.

Coaching Diploma/Certification: Personal Performance Diploma (PPD) from The Coaching Academy with high honors , DISC certified (personality profiling) 

The longer version if curious:

My journey towards becoming a life coach has been building steadily, unbeknownst to me, through an ongoing career as a performing artist (singer/dancer/actor/model) and as a contributor in the non-profit sector. I began performing professionally as a classical ballet and contemporary dancer at the age of 16, have performed in Broadway musical theatre productions touring across the US, performed as a headline vocalist in high-end hotel and casino contracts throughout Asia, have featured in Hong Kong Film/TV commercials, and have had the honor of being one of two featured female vocalists in specialty concerts in LA and Tokyo, together with jazz legends Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, as a member of ICAP (International Committee of Artists for Peace). Through this work, which has given me the privilege to travel and live across the world, I was inspired to explore and contribute to aligning causes close to my heart. In more recent years I have served as a founding board member for ‘Build a Free World’, a US based anti-trafficking NGO organization, and worked with Rainlily, a Rape Crisis organization in Hong Kong that works to combat sexual violence against women in the HK region. This ongoing journey continues to bring out a unique and diverse profile of strengths, skills, and knowledge which I bring to my sessions. I have seen the seemingly impossible breakthrough in my life, and imprint that on all I coach. As a result, I have seen ongoing transformative shifts in my client's lives that have been a privilege to witness first hand.

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