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I have had the privilege of coaching people from a multitude of professions, backgrounds, and ages covering a vast range of life areas, both personal and professional. I am especially passionate and skilled in coaching people embarking on major life change, as I am no stranger to adapting and learning to thrive amidst ongoing change during a performance career that has spanned the globe. Utilizing this experience while remaining true to the coaching philosophy and with full belief in my client’s abilities, I give plenty of room to venture forth and discover a personal process, while remaining unafraid to challenge you to stretch beyond self-imposed limitations. With a calm and steadfast approach, I will guide you through the coaching process, using curated tools/models and creative exercises, to most effectively uncover and actualize the deeply held determinations that lead to groundbreaking change.

Coaching Diploma/Certification: Personal Performance Diploma (PPD) from The Coaching Academy with high honors , DISC certified (personality profiling) , Mental Health First aider (MHFA certified


Personal Bio:

I am a ‘mixed culture kid’ (Taiwan Chinese father/N American mother) who grew up
between Hong Kong, and the United States, with London now as home. I began
performing professionally as a child dancer and singer in HK. At age 16 I was invited to
dance with Ballet Chicago, moved on to Richmond Ballet, and then made my way to New
York City with little more than a pocket full of dreams. After just weeks in the city, I had
the extraordinary luck to book a Broadway National tour. This catapulted me through years
of varied projects, contracts, and survival gigs. Some highlights include starring in a NY
production of ‘Hot Mikado’ (where I unbelievably understudied & performed for the late
great BJ Crosby (who was the Tony nominated original tour Effie White in ‘Dreamgirls’ - for
context on how insane that was)), and being featured as a vocalist with jazz legends: Herbie
Hancock and the late Wayne Shorter in an ICAP (International Committee of Artists for
Peace) concert. I soon headed to Asia where a vastly different world opened up, landing
contracts to sing in hotel and casino residencies across the region. Recognizing the
privilege this work afforded me to travel and live as a global citizen, I was and
continue to be inspired to explore and contribute to aligning causes close to my heart. I
served as a cultural/relationship liaison to the CEO for the multi-million Drex corporation in
China, facilitating communication with investors and government officials in the US. I am a
founding board member for ‘Build a Free World’, a US based anti-trafficking NGO. And 
have worked with Rainlily, a Rape Crisis organization in Hong Kong that seeks to combat
sexual violence against women in the HK region. At Rainlily, I led and created
workshops for people from age 6 through adulthood, focusing on gender roles (how to
reflect and overcome toxic conditioning while being empowered in the autonomy of our
choices). As well as safety campaigns: ‘Ask for Lily’ (UK’s: ‘Ask for Angela’), promoting safe
intervention and prevention of violence in bars and clubs. After shifting to London

with my husband, I earned my diploma in personal performance
coaching. Since then, I have steadily grown my practice, coaching people and organizations from with ranging professions, backgrounds, and ages ranging from tech CEOS to Broadway
performers, covering both the personal and professional. I also deeply value opportunities to
grow partnerships, which include joining the Applause For Thought family My focus is
coaching people navigating major life changes, as I am no stranger to adapting and
learning to thrive amidst ongoing change. Utilizing that experience, while remaining true
to the coaching philosophy with full belief in my client’s abilities, I create room for them
to venture forth and discover a personal process, challenging them to stretch beyond self-
imposed limitations. I have seen the seemingly impossible breakthrough in my life, and imprint that on all I coach. As a result, I have seen ongoing transformative shifts in my client's lives that have been a privilege to witness first hand.

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