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What will it include?

*Complimentary Intake session (30 min call to ask any questions, gain clarity on process, let me know what you'd like to focus on/breakthrough, get to know how we'd work together etc)

*Curated series of remote 45-60 min coaching sessions covering client's choice of an area(s) of life.

*Open channel of email communication for feedback/support during working hours (10am-7pm weekdays)

*Option to do a DISC personality profiling session for a fee


When beginning, I highly recommend a rhythm of 2 sessions/month (Especially for first few sessions to stay accountable and reap full benefit), however it’s fully driven by you to support your needs best


I recognize that anything you share with me is regarded as confidential, whether it be business or personal information. I undertake not to, at any time (unless required to do so by law), either directly or indirectly, use or disclose any information shared with me during our sessions.

End of year Promo

First Session Completely Free For New Clients

(Free session given to existing client with a new client referral)

While this is a time of rising anxiety and stress, I believe it offers a great opportunity to reflect on our lives. Coaching is an effective tool to gain access to that kind of deep learning through a specially curated dynamic. It would be my privilege to partner with you in a process that leads to clarity in your life goals (short/long term), in your values (both core and driving), and in any potentially limiting beliefs that are holding you back -- all towards unlocking a life beyond what you may have thought possible (pandemic or not ;).

Wishing you health and light throughout these challenging times,

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